Welcome to Dalmia Atithi Vihar , Puri , India

Dalmia Atithi Vihar

Biju Patnaik Airport - 75 Km, Railway Station - 6 KM, Bus Stand - 1 KM) The Dalmia Atithi Vihar, compassed with an extra ordinary ambiance, and the solitude of the vernacular tandrums, may bestow several possibilities to embrace this Hotel in Puri as the most comfortable accommodation for the vacationers.

Taking a special note of all the activities, the Dalmia Atithi Vihar accommodation can be booked in advance by the vacationers. With the total of 23 rooms, the Dalmia Atithi Vihar is built with great intelligence to math the expectations for every mindset.

Comprehensively styled, intricately structured interiors, caring staff are some of the faculties which serve to every particular mentality craving for complete rejuvenation. Perched a few kilometers from railway station and 75 KMs from the airport, theDalmia Atithi Vihar speaks about the bonhomie of the services provided by this Hotel solely.


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